Weather: High clouds and light winds have made for another “Brown Cloud” day for the Denver area with poor visibilty due to the dust and pollution trapped in the air. With no significant wind forecast for the next few days, we will continue to see marginal to poor air quality in the Denver Metro Area. Highs today have once again been in the upper 50s and lower 60s.

I have two less teeth now, thanks to my oral surgeon. Haha. I went in this past Friday morning for a 7 am appointment. By the time he finally came in, it was 730 am, and I was outta there by 745 am. Talk about a quickie! My mom was out in the car when I was done – she hadn’t even had a chance to come back in after she dropped me off and went over to the grocery store. My legs were shaky because of how quick everything had gone, and I was glad my mom was in town to help. It’s more than I could say for R.

I did go to work that day, and it was slow-going for a while. By the time 4 pm rolled around, I was needing my pain meds, so I asked my mom to come get me about 430 pm so we could run to the pharmacy. I didn’t think I would need the meds, but I found out I wasn’t as tough as I thought I was. 🙂 No matter, my mom was nice enough to take both of my kids to my brother’s house for dinner (where she was staying for the week) so I could rest a bit. I had this weird energy when they left my place, so I cleaned and made myself some supper. Thanks to my mom, I had a fridge and pantry full of goodies that will last me for two weeks! I was also welcomed home by some new picture frames, which my mom filled with photos she snuck from my bedroom closet. It’s the little stuff that makes me smile.

I like when my parents come to town – I feel like a whole different person, which is why it was so hard for me to say goodbye when they had to leave this past Sunday. 😦 The summer cannot come fast enough.

My lesson for today:
Live like there’s no tomorrow, and don’t dwell (too much) on the past.