Weather: Mostly cloudy and mild this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 50s and mid 60s downtown and along the front range. Moisture feeding in from the south ahead of a developing storm to our west will fuel scattered showers and thunderstorms around the area this evening.

It’s been some time since I’ve written last, but it’s pretty much the same ol’ thing anyway! 🙂

One of the things that’s new around our house is E started t-ball yesterday. His very first practice with the Sherrelwood Little League! He had so much fun – I think he’s completely whipped. I’m hoping this will be a reason for him to stay out of trouble with me and his sister…

Work has been frustrating, but my boss is gone the rest of the week so I will be able to work much more freely. Today was especially trying because she became flustered about the work that *she* needed to do and I wasn’t moving fast enough (she didn’t say it that way) and talked crappy to me… so I went outside for some fresh air. A minute or two later, one of my co-workers came out there and told me that it wasn’t right for her (my boss) to talk to me that way. She asked if someone knew what was going on, and I told her another co-worker in another office knows everything as well as my boss’ boss.

I’m meeting with the co-worker from another office on Friday for lunch, hopefully I can have a better understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes. I just feel as if my reputation is slowly being destroyed, bit by bit, by my situation here at our office. I’m talking about my reputation working with clients as well as co-workers in other offices; if one falls through, so will the other, and I need this job.

Interestingly enough, my boss stashed all of her desk crap in boxes while she’s away. Nice thinking! Now nobody but me will know she doesn’t do anything around here!!

My lesson for today:
He who works alone has peace and quiet.