Weather: Partly sunny and cool today with highs in the lower to middle 60s around the Denver Metro Area. There may be a few light showers in the mountains and foothills to the west and south of town, but by far and away most of us will stay dry. Skies will clear tonight with mild overnight lows in the middle 40s. Winds will be light from the south. There will also be just a touch of haze around town.

Last night, just as t-ball practice was ending, the clouds started coming in a covering the sun’s light. Almost immediately, the rain began and, shortly thereafter, the hail… it was nuts! Everyone was running to their cars as fast as they could, and E decided he was going to play at the park. I was so upset with him! I called out to him several times before I decided to start walking to the car. M began whining that she was wet and cold, so we walked faster. E kept playing. I hollered at him, “Let’s go!!” He finally started to leave when we were near the car, but he walked so slow… it’s like he enjoyed being pelted by the pea-sized hail. I lectured him when he made it to the car, of course. Not that it made any impression on a defiant 5-year-old.

I’ll be moving to my new office (next door to my current office) on Friday. I am thrilled and nervous at the same time, because I know that this will not completely resolve the issues I am having with my boss. I anticipate she will still want to have absolute control over me and what I do, but I’ll take what I can get. At least I won’t have to talk to her 24/7, nor will I have to listen to her personal calls that she takes every other hour!! Let’s not forget the gossip, too… not that I don’t enjoy a little here and there… but give me a break!!

Remember “M”? I keep forgetting to write about my incident with him from a couple of weeks ago. One of our Compliance guys from Utah was here for a couple days on a Thursday and Friday, and he needed to work with M on some IT stuff here at our office. So… the three of us were in the back conference room with one of our sales reps when M arrives here on Thursday with new computers for my boss and me. M came back there to ask me if he can logoff my computer, and I told him I’d be glad to come up front and do it myself. As we’re walking to the front, he says, “So, what’s new?” I told him, “Not much, what’s new with you?” and reached out to shake his hand. He shook my hand, and said, “Not much!” I can’t recall what happened after that, but we got back to the office and I logged off my computer. I remember telling him that I wished I could chat with him instead of being in the meeting in the back. I ended up going back to the meeting a few minutes later, but my stomach was so full with butterflies I could hardly breathe.

When the meeting was over, we went back to the office and M was still working on getting things set up. My boss and Compliance Guy left the room after checking out the situation, and I stayed. I chatted with M for a bit, and then asked him if he needed a drink of water. I mean, the guy was so sweaty!! He said he’d like that, so I brought a cup of water to him. (I’m so nice! Haha.) We chatted some more, and then he had me help him with getting my computer set up… at five o’clock he was still here and I had to leave – I think E had t-ball that night. I never did get a chance to give him my number, but I offered to buy him a drink while we were chatting with Compliance Guy and my boss were here in the office. He joked with me that we should go right then, but I don’t know if he could tell I was serious.

Miraculously, he returned the next day. I can’t recall what we talked about, or what happened in general, but I do remember telling myself that this was a perfect chance to give him my phone number. So I did just that. I gave him my number and told him to call me when he wanted to go out for “that drink.” He turned bright red, and didn’t say a word… Looking back, I think I embarrassed him because I did it in front of my boss and Compliance Guy. I was worried all weekend that I scared him off, but Monday morning I received an e-mail from him. All is well, no weirding out as far as I can tell, but he still hasn’t called me.

My spies revealed he hasn’t been doing much lately, so I’m going to ask him again on Friday when he’s here moving my computer to my new office. 🙂

My lesson for today:
If you don’t put yourself “out there”, you’ll never know what might have happened.