Weather: The clear skies from the afternoon will stay with us through the evening and overnight. After highs in the upper 60s and low 70s this Tuesday afternoon we’ll see lows in the lower to middle 40s overnight.

It’s been some time since I last wrote, and I’m not surprised. I’ve been keeping busy with work and playing chauffer to E so he can get to and from t-ball practices and games. Also, I’ve been ‘spring’ cleaning my apartment before my mom gets here in a few weeks. And then there’s quartet practice keeping me on my toes.

It’s so cool to see E enjoying baseball so much… he has a whole new set of friends, and he’s learning the importance of keeping your eye on the ball so you don’t get bonked – no, he hasn’t been bonked yet, but I forsee it in the very near future the way things are going when he’s out on the field. His team has been nicknamed “The Bad News Bears” by one of the parents, after all. He becomes very excited when he does something as simple as catching the ball in his mitt, or sliding into home plate… it’s still mostly surreal to me that I am a mother now and I am enjoying watching my child grow each and every day.

When I’m not running E to his t-ball, I’ve been trying to clean/purge my apartment. I’m getting ready for a visit from my mom soon and, if I can keep up with it, I will have an easier time packing everything when I move to a new place this fall. I don’t want to move, but I just have to… my finances aren’t getting any better, and I can’t afford to stay on where I’m at. I’ve been looking at apartments closer to work, and I think I’ve found one I will like. I’m supposed to call the apartment office at the end of this week to view a two-bedroom. I will have to get rid of my washer and dryer, and I’m none too pleased about it – another choice I can’t afford to stay with. Hopefully this particular change will help me get my life in order sooner.

Quartet practice has been going well. We’re going to audition at the end of this month, and the only thing I’m concerned about is getting our notes right for one of the songs. J doesn’t agree – she is worried we’ll mess up the ‘lines’ (speaking parts between songs). Frankly, I can’t believe how bossy she is! I can feel myself becoming more easily upset with her, and I don’t know how much longer I can hold it in before I say something. I don’t like confrontation, but I know it would end up being that with her. Ugh. It seems to me that she is going to do whatever she pleases without caring about who she hurts in the meantime. Pity. I really enjoy her for the most part, but when she’s screwing up her notes on a song and then has the audacity to tell *us* what to do, it irks me. Same ol’ thing.

We’re being coached tonight by Mike. I feel so bad for him that he is constantly being harrassed by J. I thank gawd she is doing it and not me… ’cause it would be SO easy for me to do what she’s doing. (Did that make any sense at all?) And now he has to come deal with us again – I just hope he is not turned off to us now… I would hate to be ‘that’ quartet…

My lesson for today:
He who expresses his true wishes gets what he wants.