Weather: The heat is on this afternoon for the Denver metro area! High pressure is building in from the southwest, bringing in the heat. We’ll have mostly sunny skies today with a very slight chance for an isolated, high based thunderstorm along the Front Range. High temperatures will be near record-breaking, topping out in the middle to upper 90s. (Holy GOD!!)

Time for a little update.

M and I never met for dinner. He fell through the ceiling while he was working out of the office, and had to cancel our “meeting” this past Saturday. I was bummed, but more worried that he was okay. I had to hear from his co-worker that he had been hurt, and that was after I had e-mailed M about two times with no response from his side. He finally called me the day before we were supposed to go out, and everything ended up okay – he was sore, and bruised, but okay. I was glad to talk with him, and I am very glad his injuries weren’t worse. I e-mailed him today and threw out a date for us to try again. *crossing fingers*

Since M and I had to cancel our plans, I decided to take Beth to our school friend’s bar. It was really slow at first – we arrived at about 7 pm. My friend from school, Micah, came a bit later, and we chatted until the owner came in, about 9 pm. We talked with him for quite a while, and then a few more of our old school chums came in for a drink. Beth and I left about 1130 pm. When we were driving home, we decided that it was a very eventful night. LOL

I’ve been e-mailing with M the past few minutes, and now I can’t think of anything else to write… so I will close for now.

My lesson for today:
Live, laugh, love.