I seem to remember quite a bit of outside play when I was growing up.

My siblings and I played in our sandbox, ran through lawn sprinklers, played in the local pond (much to the dismay ouf my parents), and rode our bikes around the block and down to the park. We went camping frequently at my grandfather’s trailer in the mountains – some of my fondest memories are from camping trips during the late 1980s – early 1990s. As we grew older, my parents bought a Slip-N-Slide (which we slipped-n-slided into oblivion) to keep us outside and active and, no less to be expected, the obligatory baseball/softball participation from April to June, at which most of us in the family were embarrassingly terrible. During my four years in high school, I swapped softball with playing in the marching band.

That sure was fine livin’. 🙂

Nowadays, I hate the sun! The nice thing about staying inside more often is not having to worry about sun damage to our skin, although a little sunblock application and water bottle never hurt anyone.