Since I’ve been heading the reunion committee for my tenth high school class reunion, I’ve been remembering some odd bits of my life during those oh-so innocent years. Truth be told, I was what most people consider “goody two shoes”, even though I had an aversion to being educated outside the walls of the band and choir rooms – after all, my whole life during 1993-1997 revolved around music! There were a few instances, though, where I took the goody two shoes “disorder” and threw it out the window.

One of those instances involved playing “Torture Poker” over at a band friend’s house with his parents gone for the weekend. I had told my parents I was going to stay over at another girl friend’s house, but had (obviously) not planned on going there at all. Classic scene, right? As far as I can recall, my mother had called over to my girl friend’s house looking for me and the friend’s mother told her I wasn’t there, but at the band friend’s house. So, here we are having a blast playing Torture Poker (someday I will enlighten you, young grasshopper), and the phone rings. It was my mother. Everyone there became very quiet, and I spoke with my very upset mother. She was upset because I was going to be somewhere that parents were not looking after their children and she was upset about, of course, the boys there. Long story short, I’m pretty sure I had to go home and, more than likely, I was grounded for a very long time.

It was funny getting caught up in situations like that, because there was at least one time I was drinking with that same crowd and my parents were none the wiser. Looking back, I’m glad I had those experiences to draw from… because innocence can stunt your growth. And who wants that?