After weeks of trying to pin down a school for E to attend, we finally have lift-off – he is now officially a first grader at HP.

I originally wanted him to attend F, but was told since I don’t live in the school district, I’d have to “transfer” him in – and that was impossible due to boundary changes and a number of district schools closing. Even more frustrating, I had just enrolled him in a daycare that I knew I was going to like – and the only district school they’d have transportation to and from was F. I was more frustrated to find out that the other school district in that area requires a transfer to be applied for ONE YEAR in advance. I was really worried for a time that we would not have a school for Ethan, until Rob decided to use his address – which is why E will now be attending HP.

When his enrollment was completed and turned in, we needed to find a suitable after school care arrangement. I didn’t think we’d be able to find someone/thing, but I did yesterday. Did I mention E started school the day before yesterday? Um, yeah. I had R ask his mom to pick E up from school on Monday since I didn’t have anything figured out then. That was a fun time with him at work with me. NOT. Anyway, he’s going to be going to the after school program at his school. So for now, I’ll get off work, go pick him up fifteen minutes south of my work, then drive all the way back north fifteen minutes to pick up M from daycare, and then drive fifteen minutes east to get home. There’s got to be an easier way to do this!

The first day of school was a complete disaster. First of all, he wasn’t on anyone’s roster, so I went to the office to find out which classroom he was in. I *thought* the lady said Room 27, but I found out later it should have been Room 26. He was in the Special Ed class all day!! Oops. Come to find out, it was okay anyway, because Room 26 is a Kindergarten class. They had it all screwy anyway. Then, when I got him to the right class yesterday, it was decided while he was there that they would move him to another class because the teacher I had dropped him off with had too many students. Poor kid – three days, three different teachers!! I’m sure he’s settling in just fine. No calls yet. *knock on wood*