My brother rocks.

I called Derrick a few days ago to see if he would come take a look at my washer, and he agreed to drive all the way up here today to see what was making my washer completely worthless.

Derrick came to pick up the keys to my apartment at lunchtime, and we walked over to Subway to grab a bite to eat. It’s been at that particular Subway that we’ve had a few really good conversations about life, our family, and some pieces of nonsense. Today wasn’t as deep, but it was nice to make smalltalk with him – especially since I don’t see him very often these days. Something else that made my day was when his girlfriend called and asked me whether or not he had told me she wanted to take me out to a movie sometime. Of course, my brother had NOT, so I thanked her for the invite and told her to call me whenever! I really, really like Derrick’s girlfriend… maybe someday soon we’ll be related. 🙂 My family always jokes that if Derrick and she break up, we will disown Derrick and keep her. Hehe.

Just wanted to share something good (x2!!) that happened today.