A couple of weeks ago, I asked an old friend that I have a little crush on if he wanted to join me in taking in a Rockies baseball game this month. When he finally declined this past weekend, I was surprised. I didn’t think he would have done that… but I’ve seen stranger things happen with this person.

I didn’t know who else I could ask. That’s when trusty friend Beth offered her advice: why don’t you ask Tim? Will do, I said. What a brilliant idea, I said.

Fast forward to this past Sunday, when I was supposed to ask him. *bawk, bawK* I said. I didn’t have the guts to ask him. I called Beth that night and confessed. I told her I planned on emailing him when I went back to work after the holiday. I was scared, but I did it. The word is out there now… just hope he doesn’t FREAK out!! Here’s what I sent (I’m such a liar in the first part):