My high school reunion is over. I would consider it a near-complete success, but as the ring-leader I can say there were some hard lessons learned:

  1. Make sure you are very clear upfront what you expect from people who are helping. People will inevitably flake off, and you will feel like you are taking on more than necessary. Communication is key.
  2. You will not please everyone. This is a lesson that seems to be repeated over and over again during your life, and still you allow yourself to believe that you can do it all. You cannot.
  3. Don’t make the “event” a three-day marathon. You can do a nice dinner and a picnic for families, especially if you haven’t started planning in advance.
  4. 28-year-olds like to drink. A LOT. So instead of the remembering the lesson that was learned in the last point, make it REAL EASY on yourself and do a bar night and nothing else. Just be sure you are fully aware that the creeps come out of the woodwork when they’ve had too much to drink!

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good time, and I’m glad it happened. I’m just elated that it’s over and I can get on with my life!