It’s a little bittersweet to be moving again. On one hand, I need to get on the west side of town again so I’m not spending an arm and a leg on gas (let alone precious time) toting my kids and me every day. After I get off work, it takes me 45 minutes at least to pick up each child and then drive home. One the other hand, I do enjoy the layout of my current apartment and it will always carry the sentimental value. After all, it was my very first apartment as a single mother. And, really, who likes packing, moving, and unpacking hundreds of boxes?

Over the past weekend, I put in an application for a rental that is closer to work and the kids’ schools. It is part of an area that is largely privately owned duplexes and fourplexes, and this particular unit is part of a fourplex. It has a fenced back yard, and it’s just to the west of a local elementary school, and north of another elementary school – unless the school district changes the boundaries again and the bus doesn’t go to the daycare Mary’s attending now, E should be able attend the school I originally wanted to send him to this year. *crosses fingers*

Okay, this post just ended up being a “black cat” av: I just got a call from E’s principal. In music class today, he hit a girl and then licked her arm. I was told E would have in-school suspension for the rest of today and all day tomorrow. I told the principal I was having similar problems at home, and he suggested that E talk with the school’s social worker. I agreed with his suggestion, and let him know that I was open and available to all suggestions from the school, including meeting with the social worker. It’s completely frustrating to me that I can’t seem to curb this behavior with E, especially after two years of being a single mom… you’d think I’d have something figured out by now. He seemed to be having an okay morning when I dropped him off at school, I wonder what made him think it was okay to do that… In the meantime, I’ve had asked the principal to please let the music teacher know the two children should be separated at all times. Grr…