Not sure I really enjoy being turned down for a position I know I’m qualified for, but I’m going for a record here.

I had one interview yesterday, and another tomorrow. The interview yesterday was for medical records/data entry for a local hospice center, and the one I’m going to tomorrow is for an admin assistant at an accounting firm. If I had to choose between the two jobs, I would pray to the sweet baby Jesus that I’d get the accounting firm job. Better hours, better pay, better work environment.

So, we’ll see what happens. I’m thinking two turn-downs in a week will be my personal best.

I’ve got an interview to attend on Saturday for a seasonal job at a local retailer… and I’m trying to get hired on for a telecommuting job that I can work on the weekends or nights (if I can get my kids in bed at a decent hour). If I get hired for the telecommuting, I won’t work the retail job, but for right now I need to be doing something constructive with my time and budget.

I was finally reprimanded for my tardiness at work. I have been coming in late too many times for the past few months, it seems. I had 22 tardies, 1 reverse, and 2 unexcused absences. Oops. I was “coached” instead of being written up, and they kept telling me it wasn’t a disciplinary action. Whatever. Don’t talk down to me like I’m a moron, I just didn’t realize I had been late that many times. I get a clean slate starting tomorrow, but I’ve already put in for a transfer to another site anyway. I have been desperately trying to get out of here for a while now, and this is my last ditch effort to get out, unless one of these interviews comes through as a job proposition. Please, oh, please. I’m getting internet back at my house today, so hopefully I can stop looking for jobs while I’m at work and start making the best of it for now.