So, here’s the update:

I was asked to do a second interview with the hospice center. Great, right? Well, they wanted me to come in the next day or day after and, since I had been gone from work so often around that time, I expressed my regret that I wouldn’t be able to come in until the next week. Apparently, they were looking to start someone immediately, and I told the lady who interviewed me that it just wouldn’t be fair to my current employer if I didn’t give (at the very least!) a week notice. I got an email the next day saying that she had filled the position.

No worries, though, as a friend of mine had some very good intentions at the accounting firm! I went in for the interview, and, um… talked way too much. Oops. Luckily, the questions weren’t the regular “put me to sleep” kind, and I left feeling very good about the interview. Unfortunately, I seem to think I ace the interviews and then someone “more qualified” steps in and ruins it for me.

I was called in for a second interview (almost to my surprise!), and asked my friend if I would have to come down to the office for anything after that. I mean, I was running out of excuses to tell my boss why I’d be late. My friend said, no, normally after they do the second interview they do a background check and that’s it. Cool. So, I made my way down there the next day, checking in at 8:30 am. I was so excited to be there, and the receptionist was really kind and supportive.

I was to be interviewed by two women, one I had already met a couple of times. Her daughter had been sick, though, so she was out of the office that day. I met the other lady instead, and that worked out okay! She didn’t really have any questions for me, mostly she was there to “check me out”… fine by me, I was able to speak with her on the same level a co-worker would, which made it that much easier. I found out later she thought I was a “doll.” 😀

Anyway, all I’ve heard since then is the hiring manager needs to check out the budget, and my friend will let me know. I’m still praying to the sweet baby Jesus that this doesn’t fall through for some reason… but that’s just me trying to protect myself again.