My very dear friend, Ros, has suffered a great loss. Ros and Paul moved back to Ros’ hometown in Australia this past year with their kids. Yesterday, while Ros was at work, Paul had a severe asthma attack and passed away. They have four small children… 😦 Thankfully, Ros and her kids are near family… but I know she could use the extra prayers and positive thoughts to help her get through this very difficult time. If you are reading this, please say a prayer for Ros.

Edited to add: I misunderstood. Ros was at work when this happened, and Paul was with the kids at home. Here is the note Ros sent to her friends:

To those of you who have not yet heard, this is the hardest bulletin I have ever had to write on here.

Almost all of you on my friends list are my personal friends. Therefore, many of you have at some stage of your life known my husband Paul.

I am devastated to report that yesterday afternoon (that was Tuesday 15 January Australian time) Paul had a severe and sudden asthma attack. He was watching the kids while I was at work.

He tried to get through it with his medication and then tried to call for help but I believe he collapsed and then passed away. I found out later that afternoon.

He had been very excited earlier as he emailed me at work telling me that he just got a job he went to an interview for on Friday. He was going to be a home carer looking after elderly people and was very excited to be able to help others. He had recently got a Senior First Aid Certificate too.

Most of you who know Paul will know that he had struggled with asthma all his life. Asthma is a very real and serious disease.

Paul loved Jesus and I know he is in a better place. He knew almost all of you on my friends list and had so much to say about you and his hopes and love for you.

Thank you for all the support from all Paul’s family and my heart goes out to you too. Your messages are making me cry all over my keyboard but I very much appreciate the support. I wish I were with you all at this time.

Rest in peace

Paul Michael Carey – 33 years old

March 11, 1974 – January 15, 2008

I love you Paul..