I went with Beth to the bar last night for some karaoke. I like going, and try to get there as much as possible…sometimes it ends up being weekly, other times we have been known to disappear for six weeks at a time. Beth and I always like to say this place is not your typical bar – we refer to it as “Cheers-like”.

I have an absolute blast when I’m there, but I’ve come to realize I need to stop drinking so much when I go out. Last night I consumed a pitcher of beer, three rum and cokes (one there and two afterwards) and two shots. Damn. It’s weird, I never drank this much before; it’s only since we’ve started going to this bar that it’s been going on. I have never been a “bar person”. It has to stop, though. Not only do I feel bloated, hungover and dehydrated right now, it’s just bad form in general. Dammit.

Moving on…

Beth and I saw Karaoke Mike while we were there. (Yes, he does have a name.) When we first came in, he was at the bar. We sat our purses and coats down at a table, and Kat (one of the regulars) and Mike pulled two tables together and sat down with us. It was a little awkward at first because of not having been in contact with him for some time, but things seemed to go well after the initial paranoia on my end. Ha. He sang a few songs that got our hearts racing, and make a few jokes that kept us crackin’ up, as always. I told Beth he was flirting with her, and she tried to downplay him being her type. Silly Beth, can’t you just take something and run with it? I told her that if anything ever came in the way of a relationship between she and Mike, I would be okay with it. Afterall, she deserves to be happy, too… and, in the end, she’s a much better person than I.

Have I mentioned I get lonely sometimes? I have to be careful about this particular area of my life… if I’m not careful, then I make stupid decisions that ultimately end up infesting my psyche and then, even though things were grand at the time of the sin, I end up hating myself. In this instance, I’ve got to move on from Karaoke Mike (what really could come of it anyway?) and look forward to meeting this other guy I’ve made plans with for the 27th. (Go Dez, you can do it!)

Speaking of, I talked to D.P. (his initials) last night, too. I’m not sure how long we talked, but he did answer some questions I had posed to him in a previous email. It was light-hearted and he laughed a lot – he seems to do that, and right now it’s hard to tell whether it’s nervous laughter or something else. Guess I’ll find out when I meet him. One of the questions I asked him had something to do with his biggest pet peeve. He said he guessed he had two, and one really struck an “uh-oh” chord with me: he said (in basic translation) he likes to keep a tidy house. Yeah, um, that’s not me in the slightest. Has anyone been to my house? Has anyone been in my car? Definite “uh-oh” there! Hmmm….

Truth be told, I’m not quite sure how to handle what’s been going on with me lately. I want to have fun, find a great guy I can hang out with… I’m not looking for longterm necessarily, just a fun time. I just can’t skid back to my “old ways”…

Ah, well. Looks like I’ll be sitting back and enjoying the ride for now. Because, afterall, it’s all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out, right?