When I talked to D.P. the other night, he gave me some answers to the questions that I had sent him in an email a few days prior. I’m going to do my best to remember all of the answers, but God strike me dead if I get anything completely wrong.

What radio stations do you listen to?

He named off several stations on his presets, including KOOL, KOSI, KYGO. He said he likes pretty much everything except for rap.

What is your greatest pet peeve?

He actually had two, but I can only remember one (because it really sticks out in my mind): he likes to keep a tidy house.Ā  Edited to add: his other pet peeve was not having clean teeth.Ā  Apparently, he’s a flosser.

Algebra or geometry?


’66 GTO or ’57 Chevy?

This question was me messing with him, because I know how much he likes the ’66 GTO. He said if it wasn’t the ’66 GTO, he’d choose a ’53 Chevy – instead of the ’57 Chevy.

Movies: at home or at the theater?

He likes to view movies at home during the colder months so he can get the fireplace going and order some pizza and just hang out. He prefers going to the theater in the summer.

Sports: football, baseball, hockey, soccer, other?

He said he likes all sports, but he’s not a sportsnut.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

He said he likes both. I told him to quit copping out. šŸ™‚ He said he prefers The Rolling Stones over The Beatles because he’s not crazy about John Lennon. Hmm. He joked about my liking The Beatles.

What is the craziest thing you have done in your life?

For the love of God, I can’t remember what he answered for this one. I’ll ponder.

Have you ever been arrested?

He said no, he’s had parking tickets but no criminal arrests. LOL He’s never even had a speeding ticket. Now that’s good.

Did you vote for Dubya?

Yes, and he regrets it. He didn’t like John Kerry, though.

What would you order at a bar?

Basic answer: beer.

What is one thing about yourself that you would like for me to know?

I can’t remember his exact wording, but he said he was an honest person.

What are you most proud about?

His kids.

Is religion important to you?

He is Presbyterian, but does not attend church.

I’m not sure how long we talked, but it was pretty laidback. I had to let him go at one point because I was supposed to sing a duet with Beth (we were at the karaoke bar), but I called him right back and we talked for a few more minutes until he wanted to take a hot shower and go to bed. I told him I’d call him Monday on my lunchbreak.

I like that I have been brave enough to put myself out there, and I’m feeling comfortable that Sunday’s meeting will go well just because we have already started building a rapport with each other. If this works out, I will have Chrissy to thank. šŸ™‚ If it doesn’t work out to be a match in relationship standards, I hope I will have made a wonderful new friend. Only time will tell.