I really wish I would have taken a picture of the kids today. Unfortunately, that was the last thing on my mind as I was racing them around the house, trying to get them motivated to MOVE!!

You see, my children seem to think they are adults, and going to bed later than 9 pm is their prerogative. You know what I say to that? Whatevs! Last night we were out until almost ten, but I expected them to go straight to bed when we got home and not screw around. They behaved perfectly at my brother’s house, of course.

The picture I should have taken this morning would have been priceless: Mary going to school in her pajamas because she didn’t get up in time to get dressed. And, if I would have had my way, Ethan would have gone in the pajamas he wore last night, too: pink with teddy bears. Now, don’t get all freaked out. I would have sent a change of clothes with him to change into – God knows I don’t want him to get teased at school. I’m just damn tired of these kids getting up late and being late to school, thus making me late to work. I can’t take it anymore – I could go postal at any time!

From now on, if they miss the call to arise and greet the day, they get their picture taken in their jammies and I swear to the sweet baby jeebus I’ll post it here for all to see.