The other day, I was asked by a co-worker when I planned on having my kids meet D.P. With my kids being so young, I hardly think it’s fair for them to be introduced to a gentleman and then, weeks later, not fully understand why he’s “gone,” so I told her it wouldn’t be for awhile – at least, until I know whether this is going in the direction of being a serious relationship or not. I mean, really, this was just the first date I’ve had since being by myself! Of course, it might have been different had he been the father of small children as well but, who knows? The fact is, I have to be very careful when it comes to these things, and I want to protect my kids as long as I can in that respect.

D.P. is leaving for Turkey tomorrow, and he’ll be gone for several days. I don’t know if we’ll talk while he’s away, but I’ve told him that I want to meet for breakfast when he comes back. I think we’ll be spending a lot of our time together chatting over breakfast during the next month or so since he has rotating days off and I have weekends off – the next weekend he has isn’t until mid-March. 😦 I did receive a very nice offer from Beth, who said she’d watch my kids on a weeknight, if need be, so I may be taking her up on that offer.

I interviewed on Saturday at a local retail store. I am going to work weekends so I can pay down some debt and build up an emergency fund/savings. By documenting it here in my blog, I’m making it very clear to myself that I only intend to work this job until I get a better paying full time job or build up enough savings that I won’t have to worry about whether my car breaks down or not. I DO NOT INTEND TO WORK THERE FOREVER. Yes, I am partially completely insane. I fully anticipate I will be exhausted and a little bitchy during this time of working seven days a week, but it’s something that can’t be avoided any more. Pray for me.