All meteorologists are lying liars. Every. Single. Cotton. Pickin’. One of them. It’s what I’ve decided recently, anyway.

I left work a smidge after 5 pm yesterday, and the snow was just starting to blow in. I noticed it was flying sideways, but no matter, we were only supposed to receive an inch or less. I proceeded to M’s daycare as usual.

[I should probably mention that my windshield wipers are broken. The plastic part of the wiper, that is. You know, the one that clears away the “junk” as it hits your windshield. Yeah, I’ve known for the past few days that I needed to replace them, but it hasn’t snowed (until yesterday) and I don’t get paid until Friday… so there they sit being all broke and goofy.]

After I picked up M, we stopped by Rob’s work and borrowed $20 for gas and drove to E’s school. Well, really, first we stopped to get some dinner at Burger King, then we drove to E’s school. The snow was coming down heavier, much more so than when I left work, and it was becoming more difficult to see the road through my ghetto wipers. Time elapsed? Approximately 45 minutes.

We arrived at E’s school around 5:50 pm. By the time we walked out of the school, it was bitter cold and snow was continuing to come down in big flakes. With both kids in the car, we headed home. The drive home normally takes less than 10 minutes. I don’t think we made it in less than 20 minutes. For awhile, the roads were okay, but people were very slow to move – as it should be. At one point, though, the conditions were sub-par, and it was like an arctic whiteout. Let’s all remember the small fact that I have no real wipers. 😦 Eventually, I made it safely home with two kids and our Burger King dinner. Yum.

Just when I thought the drama was finally over, there was one last kicker to my “I’ve had it with this nonsense!” attitude when I went to pull into the driveway and saw a Stanley Steemer van blocking where I needed to park – granted, he/she was only doing his/her job, but I was not having any of that. I had my window down already (I had to look somewhere to see where the damn driveway was), and I couldn’t hold myself back from yelling, “YOU’VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!” Oh, I was livid.

I told the kids to hurry up and get to the front door of our apartment and, when I went to unlock the door, I noticed the door was WIDE OPEN. What the…? I asked Ethan if he was sure he had shut the door this morning. Yep, he said he did. I was a tad suspicious as to who would have had a key to open the door, but maybe Ethan didn’t shut the door afterall. The bottom knob was locked, just no shut door. Hmmm…

By the time it stopped snowing (about 8 pm, maybe?), it had snowed 2-3 inches in my part of town, and the drifts were higher. One inch? Whatevs.