This past Sunday, I had plans to go to D.P.’s house around ten in the morning. I told him I knew it was supposed to be a nice day, so I’d like to go for a walk around the lake behind his house. He said that sounded good to him, and we decided we’d get some Chinese food when we were done with the walk. Woot!

It was nice to have some quiet time, where I could reflect my life and my new relationship with D.P., and still be with him. I’m not sure what he was thinking that whole time, but he did mention that I was being very quiet… I apologized, and told him I just had a ton of stuff I was processing. We held hands, but our hands were greasy from putting on lotion before we left… so the hand-holding didn’t last for long. There were a couple of places where we could sit, rest, and be completely silent for a few moments. Of course, I threatened to throw him into the water, but we weren’t allowed to get close enough for me to do that. Hehe.

When we got back to his house, he changed his clothes for work and we went to lunch. The plan was to drive both cars to the restaurant and he would leave straight from there to go on to work. We ate at a Chinese place near D.P.’s house – I had cashew chicken, he had sweet and sour chicken (or sweet and sour somethin’). When we were finished, it was hard for me to leave without him. Luckily, Beth is nice enough to watch my kids so I can see him on Wednesday for a few hours after I get off work.

All in all, I felt refreshed from the walk and the yummy food. Beth thinks I’m already falling head over heels for D.P. She’s probably right.