One thing that I’ve seemingly forgotten for the most part is how active I was in marching band during my beginning years of high school. In 1993, my freshman year, I joined the Westminster Warrior band as a flutist. It’s a little blurry now, but at some point during my freshman or sophomore year I decided to play the baritone. Oh, the fun days of carrying that huge thing on the school bus. The memories of long, tedious hours spent perfecting the movements and sound, not to mention the memories of being the only girl and section leader of an all-boy low brass section, have been pushed aside for the reality of being an adult and raising my children. I bumped into a post just now at …eats bugs. — thanks to that very poetic explanation, I have the ability at this very moment to see myself as a young teenager, exploring the world of music through all the blood, sweat and tears that I shed during those brief (but formative) years. It was a good time for me.