I had a “date” with D.P. last night. I talked with him a couple times during the day, and he mentioned he stopped by the liquor store to pick up some wine… I confirmed with him that we’d be eating dinner at his place (pizza and wine were on the menu).

After picking up Beth and the kids, and updating my makeup while making a quick batch of noodles for their dinner, I was off to D.P.’s house. I arrived about 7 pm, and was offered a glass of wine. I don’t normally drink wine, only on special occasions, but I’m willing to try most anything at least once, and so I accepted the first glass of wine. It was sweet, D.P. wanted to have wine available, but realized soon after that he didn’t have any wine glasses or a good corkscrew. I told him I wasn’t concerned, that a plastic cup was just fine. I giggled quietly – no need to be fancy for me! He pulled the pizza out of the oven and joked that he didn’t have a cookie sheet, so I looked over and he had the pizza on a broiler pan. Ha! Not like I haven’t done THAT before, I told him. This night was starting off with a bang. Two bangs, really. In the end, the wine was very, very good (snaps to D.P.’s friend, Cori, for the rec), and the pizza was meaty – I didn’t dare tell him I don’t like that much meat on a pizza as I didn’t want to burst his bubble – anyway, it was good pizza. While we were eating, we talked about going to his land near Cripple Creek in March. He asked if I could find a sitter for all day on one of the Saturdays that he’s off from work and said if it’s not snowing, we’ll go. I’m looking forward to it!

We watched American Idol until 8:30 pm, and then we went upstairs to the den so I could help D.P. post a listing on Craigslist for the car he recently fixed up. Once that was done, we headed back downstairs. I grabbed my bottle of water, and said, “Does the TV in your room work?” To which he responded, “Yes.” I told him I wanted to go watch TV upstairs and snuggle. We headed back upstairs and I laid on top of the covers. D.P. asked if I wanted to get in, and agreed. We ripped down the covers and got in, fully clothed. Haha! D.P. said he didn’t feel right being in bed under the covers with all those clothes on, so I told him to strip down if he wanted to… I didn’t mind. We joked about how I molested him in his sleep one night, and he said he had messed with me, too. I honestly don’t know if he was joking with me or not, but he got a shove anyway. Hehe. I told him he has everyone fooled, that people think he’s this nice guy. He said I haven’t seen his “other” side… apparently, that side is going to be revealed while we’re in Las Vegas. Uh-oh. I’m a little intimidated now. One thing led to another after that, and you can make your own guess as to what exactly went on.

I had to leave by 9:45 pm, because Beth was going to have her dad pick her up at ten, so I started getting ready to go at about 930 pm or so. D.P. thought I was going to be able to stay longer, and I felt bad for not having told him what my schedule was going to be like. 😦 He asked me to call him when I got home, and I left his house just before 10 pm. While I was walking out the door, we agreed I would come over on Saturday after he got off work. That makes me happy.

When I arrived home, I called D.P. to let him know I was safe and sound, and I went inside to wait with Beth for her dad to come. We chatted for a few, and I thanked her for helping me with the kids. When her dad got there, I gave Beth a hug goodbye.

Too lazy to get into pajamas, I hopped into bed with only my skivvies. I was tired, and fell instantly asleep.