After a little encouragement from my sister, I called my mom yesterday to tell her what’s been going on with D.P. I had been hesitant to tell her because I know how critical she can be and, after the blowout she had with me this past Christmas, I haven’t really wanted to put myself in a position to hear any nagging. Regardless, my sister was right when she said it would be better to just get it out now, before it gets to be six months down the road and my parents hear my siblings or other family members talking about our relationship… and my mom agreed. Another reason it was tough for me to tell her was the fact that I had originally told her I wasn’t planning on getting serious with anyone, that I didn’t want to complicate my life. Now, here I am weeks later, telling her I have been seeing him for all this time. Oops.

She knows his age, too, because I wanted to address that “issue” before it became an “issue”. I think she might have had a mini-stroke at first, but she quickly covered that up. [D.P. is about five years younger than my mom.] We talked about how it can work with a large age difference. She didn’t realize, for example, the age difference between my uncle and his girlfriend, whom he’s been with for over six years now. I think my mom and I figured out the difference was about 12 years – she said it works because my uncle is a nice guy. I told her D.P. is, too, and I went on to say how nice it was to be with someone who I can be an adult around, and not drag myself down.

Anyway, the short end of the story is, my mom knows (in turn, she’ll tell my dad) and I am glad I don’t have to pretend that he doesn’t exist anymore. One thing she still doesn’t know? I didn’t tell her I have a trip to Vegas planned. Oh, hell no! I’m not going down that road.