D.P. and I spent all day in Cripple Creek on Saturday. The snow wasn’t bad at all – the roads were completely clear! I got to see his land. There is a cul-de-sac there, so we can park a camper/trailer until he builds on the land. The views were AMAZING, and I took some pics to prove it – as soon as I get them online I will link them so you can see. We had lunch in town at one of the casinos at a place called Maggie’s (mushroom burger, yum!) and we walked the main street (a whopping 5 minutes was all it took us). We took a tour of the old Cripple Creek high school that has been converted into a B&B called Carr Manor. It was very cool… still had original chalkboards and the half-court gym wood floors!

We drove to a tiny town about 10 minutes from Cripple Creek called Victor. This is where Jack Dempsey was raised. Apparently, his brother was the boxer to begin with (the family were miners), and at one point when he couldn’t fight, Jack stepped in for his brother. The rest is history! I took a couple of pictures there. The buildings were so run down and old… it was kinda cool to see all of it, and with people still living there!

On the way back into Cripple Creek to go back home, there was a point of interest where we pulled over and took some pictures of the view. It was DOUBLY AMAZING… all the blues and whites!!

I made my dad’s canoli recipe for dinner and D.P. scarfed his down in no time. Of course, I told him this was a family recipe, so he wasn’t allowed to hate it anyway. Hehe! I made a salad and crescent rolls to go with it, and we had some wonderful cabernet sauvignon wine, too.

In other news, D.P. met my kids for the first time yesterday. I lost my debit card at his house on Saturday, sometime before we went to Cripple Creek, so I had to go over there yesterday to help him look for it. Of course, Rob was with the kids and he was being a jackass, so I told him I’d take E with me. He insisted that it wouldn’t be fair to just take one child, so I ended up taking M, too. We got to D.P.’s house, and D.P. was soooooo sweet. He was very nice to the kids (not like I expected anything different) and told them that next time they come over they can play in the yard, or we can walk around the lake behind his house with our dog and play at the playground… the kids were very well-behaved and just adored him. I wanted to wait a bit longer for them to meet, but I’m really glad that it went so well yesterday. Yet another weight off my shoulders!!

Life is good. Happy St. Patty’s Day!