I have the Cripple Creek photos posted online now. Go there!

Just got off the phone with D.P. His friend, Paul, was supposed to join us at the local comedy club next Friday, but it seems he’s backing out. D.P. was trying to introduce Paul to my friend, Beth, but Paul is taking this way too seriously and is getting nervous about it all. He told D.P. that he doesn’t have any money to spend – D.P. told him the tickets are free, and there is no drink minimum… so, if he wants a drink, D.P. would buy him a couple of beers. Still no go. Oh well, he’s got about a week and a half to reconsider and stop being a wussy.

Looks like we’re on for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s place on Saturday. I’ll be taking my camera to document this monumental event. Haha!

Happy 23rd birthday to my sister, Jenna!