At 7:30 am today, I was supposed to meet D.P. for breakfast at a local Village Inn. I had a (diabolical) plan to get to the restaurant before he did so I could talk with our server and convince her that I was going to be paying in advance so that D.P. couldn’t take the ticket and pay for it on his birthday. Luckily, even though I was running a tad late, I arrived about 4 minutes early. I put on my mascara in the car (told ya I was running late), and went in. I told the waitress what my plan was, and she smiled. I just knew she would be a good partner for this ‘crime’. D.P. was running about five minutes late, so he was none-the-wiser when he came in and sat down next to me. I admit, I laughed a little on the inside.

It was a lovely breakfast, same as it always is. I had a breakfast burrito, and he had a ham and cheese omelet. Delightful. Nothing could possibly ruin my zen in this perfect moment.

Until the waitress came out.

You see, I told her to keep any change that was leftover – that way, when Dave asked for the bill, she could say, “Oh, it’s already been taken care of”. But, no. Instead of following directions, she brought out the change. D.P. said something like, “What’d you do, pay in advance?” I said, “Yep.” Then he made me agree to him paying for the trip to Chuck E. Cheese this weekend. Hehe.

So much for remaining anonymous.