I talked D.P. into driving us up to the Superior/Louisville CEC on Saturday. It really wasn’t that far, and the kids had a good time asking lots of questions on the way up there. Not all of it made sense, but…

E: (after noticing the mtns to the west) “D___, did you go to the mountains?”
D.P.: “Yep!”
E: “Mom, did you go to the mountains?”
Me: “Yep!”
E: (pointing at the mtns) “Look M___, that’s where Mom and D___ went!”
M: “What the heck?!” (kids laughter, D___ and me smiling)

We arrived at CEC at about 2 o’clock or so and had to promptly wait because it was so busy they didn’t have a table right away. The kids were patient, though, and it wasn’t long before we were headed in to the chaos past the rope. D.P. asked if we wanted to eat or play games first, and E (of course) wanted to play games first. We agreed to get the pizza and soda ordered and then play games while we waited for it to come to our table.

I tried to keep all of us together and doing the same things, but the kids had a different idea. M wanted to be over here, and E wanted to be over there… so D.P. offered to take E to do what he wanted and I could take M where she wanted to go. It was a very sweet gesture on his part.

We sat down and ate pizza for a while and, before D.P. and I had even finished our last few bites, the kids were raring to do more games again. (At one point, E got up from his seat at the table, and gave D.P. a huge hug and told him thank you.) There was an air hockey game next to us, so I kept my eye on them while D.P. and I finished up.

I had my camera and got a couple of cute shots of M, but the games E was playing didn’t allow a good angle. I also tried getting some shots of D.P., but every time I’d get ready to click, he’d move. I was trying to be sneaky, but I suck.

Of course, deciding the prizes was the hardest part, and I wasn’t about to wait longer than I had to… so I played mean mom and told the kids (after standing there for at least five minutes) what they were getting. Oh, the fit M had!! Whatever. We ended up being there for about two hours and, despite my nerves being shot at the end, it was a fun time for all of us.