The past several days have been interesting for me.

I have been trying to comprehend how D.P. could still be struggling with ‘getting over’ his ex after three years, and I don’t think I will ever grasp the exact feelings he has had to deal with and continues to deal with. He knows how I feel about him, I’ve said my piece – I can’t make him fall in love with me, even if I wanted to. If D.P. wants it to be ‘more’ down the road, the opportunity will still be there. So, after sorting through as best as I can, I’ve decided to just sit back and enjoy what we have now… live in the moment… because I’d be missing out on so much by becoming wound up in the emotional web!

Last night, I dropped E and M off at my cousin’s house so I could go to dinner and then do some shopping with D.P. A friend of his is due in May with her first child, and D.P. was invited to the baby shower, so he invited me to help him pick out a gift.

We started out with a quick dinner at Fazoli’s. [I had told D.P. earlier in the day that I wanted to stay in at home for dinner, but he said he didn’t have any food. Bachelors. Who needs ’em? Oh well, there will be plenty of other times to stay in.] The dinner itself was going well until D.P. decided to be a smart-ass and make fun of a guy who was being a little mean to his kids as they were getting sat down for their dinner. At one point, the guy and D.P. made eye contact, and I told D.P. he was going to get his ass kicked! Cripes. I can’t take him anywhere.

After dinner, we headed over to Target for the baby’s gift. D.P.’s daughter called at one point, and he talked to her for a bit. I walked away so he could have some privacy – besides, I needed to find some of the stuff listed on the registry print out I was holding. When he got off the phone, D.P. said he always gets teary when his daughter calls… he never sees her enough. I hugged him and gave him a peck on the cheek… poor guy. We decided on burp rags, a toy, and an Avalanche outfit; then, we headed over to the wrapping area where D.P. picked out a bag and card.

We drove to Costco after that, so we could pick up some things that D.P. needed for the house. You know, the regular stuff: toilet paper and soap. LOL Okay, there was more on the list, but how sexy is that? Buying toilet paper and soap with the one you love. Awwww… just melts my heart. Hahaha! Anyway, while we were walking around the store, D.P. put his arm on my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. Unfortunately, my purse was in the way, so I went to switch it to my other shoulder and then decided to put it in the cart. Oh my goodness! The begging I heard not to put my purse in the cart! D.P. said, “Now I know I’m p*ssy-whipped.” He cracked me up, but he kept pushing the cart! [Even now, just thinking about it, I can’t stop laughing.] We found nearly everything on his list, and then went to pay. I pushed the cart out to the car, and when the groceries were loaded into the trunk, I handed D.P. my purse again so I could push the cart to the corral. He protested, but he took it anyway. [Damn, I’m good!] He tried to wolf-whistle while I was putting the cart back, but he was laughing so hard he couldn’t whistle effectively. Of course, I became very embarrassed and told him to hush. Hehe.

I can’t really go into detail about it here, but I’m really concerned about his health right now. I made him promise me he would call the doctor if the ‘problem’ wasn’t better in a couple of days… but that was almost a week ago, and he is still having incredible pain at times. I gave him a ration of crap, because he made a promise and didn’t keep it. He said if it’s not better when we get back from Las Vegas, he’ll make an appointment. I told him last week I didn’t want to go there with a gimp, guess I’m going to have to now. Poor guy. I’d be a little nervous, too…

I texted him this morning, with a picture of my desk calendar at work… more specifically, the two days of April 15-16. In big, pink letters I have: VEGAS!!!! He responded, “I’m glad you are excited, makes me happy.” I really feel blessed right now… it’s an unbelieveable feeling!