I can’t believe I haven’t already posted about our dinner at D.P.’s house on the fourth. It was a strange evening, one that shouldn’t be repeated in the same manner.

I asked D.P. what he was doing on the fourth, since he was going to be off from work, and he didn’t have any plans to go out… so I asked him if he wanted me to bring the kids over and I would make dinner. He thought that was a nice idea, and asked if I would bring Bella (our pup). Sure, no problem: two kids and one doggie. Check!

I worked during the day (it seemed like it dragged on forever!), and on my way to pick up the kids I stopped by home. I had to grab the meat for supper (I offered to make meatballs or sausage, and D.P. asked for both) and salad fixings… so I let Bella play in the backyard while I put the meat and groceries in the car and then went to get Bella. She was frisky as always, and didn’t want to sit still long enough to put her leash on or get in the car… fun times.

Bella and I drove to E’s school first. He was pretty quick about leaving the school, which made me happy. He was looking very much forward to having dinner at D.P.’s house! Bella sat in the back with him, drooling from nervousness of being in the car and not being able to move around as freely as she would have liked. We eventually headed over to M’s daycare. After spending a few minutes picking up M, we were off for the dinner of a lifetime. Just kidding, it really wasn’t going to be the dinner of a lifetime, but all three of us were so excited, we could hardly stand ourselves.

The kids, Bella and I arrived at D.P.’s house about 615 pm. I asked the kids to get themselves out of the car, and I took Bella. Once we were inside the house, the kids disappeared, and I sent Bella outside. I headed back out to the car and brought in the meat and groceries and placed them inside the ‘fridge. After putzing around for a bit, we decided to head over to walk the lake. On the way over, the kids found pine cones for D.P. and Bella stopped to sniff every little smell.

We had walked no more than 1/4 of the way around the lake when the kids (M specifically) said they were tired and could they play at the park. D.P. and I looked at each other in shock… we didn’t realize E and M would be such weenies! LOL D.P. said there was a park across the street, so we walked over there. Once we had crossed the street, the kids ran to the park and began playing with two little girls there were there. D.P. and I sat down with Bella on one of the benches and watched the kids play. At one point, one of the little girls came over to pet Bella and asked D.P. if he was “the dad”. I looked at him to see how he was going to word his answer, and he simply (read: carefully) replied, “No, I’m just a friend.” His face was bright red, and he sort of giggled. I rubbed his back lightly, in amusement.

After what seemed like forever (but wasn’t), D.P. said he was getting hungry. We called the kids and once we were all together, we headed back to the house. I believe it was already 7 pm at that point, well past all of our ‘normal’ dinner times. Once we arrived at the house, the kids played with some toy cars while D.P. and I started on dinner. We had to holler at the kids a few times, because they were playing with stuff they shouldn’t have. It made me a little embarrassed that they were misbehaving, but I had to remind myself that there were just hungry and tired from the day. Once dinner was done, we all sat down at the dining table and said grace. Well, we said grace after E and M sort of argued over which one to say. LOL

Dinner would have been marvelous, had it not been for the begging dog and antsy kids. I have never been so stressed at a meal!! I eventually let Bella go outside while we ate, and permitted the kids to get away from the table once they were done, so I had a moment’s peace with D.P. I was so high-strung, I nearly cried, so I just stared at my plate for a moment or two until I could pull myself together.

After dinner and washing dishes, D.P. ‘demonstrated’ to the kids how to ‘dunk’ Oreo cookies (in the process, he harassed me about MY technique)… the kids really enjoyed his sense of humor. After our snack, D.P. turned on the movie we brought over and brought up a toy racetrack from the basement. He played with the kids on the floor of the living room while I sat next to them with Bella and watched. It was fun watching them work together, and it was especially heart-warming to see him joke around with them. One of my favorite moments was when M started whining, and D.P. looked her straight in the eye to say, “M___, use your words.” M gave him the biggest grin I have ever seen on her face and I giggled silently. Later, D.P. asked me if I was upset that he had said that to M. I told him it was no problem whatsoever, and I confessed that I giggled a little at the time.

We left at about 10 pm. On our way to the car, D.P. walked over to his garden and picked a flower for me. All together now: awwww! I gave him a kiss and placed the flower behind my ear. When M saw I had a flower, she gushed. D.P. asked if she would like one, and I said she would. The next thing I know, he’d gone over to the garden again and picked another flower. It really was a very sweet couple of moments – some that I will never, ever forget.

In the end, it was successful in that everyone got along well, even though it was unanimously decided that Bella could come over another time, without the kids. It was just too much with the dog and kids together. At least, for now, anyway.

When I was at D.P.’s house yesterday, he mentioned he was saving the rest of his Oreos for Mary and I joked with him, “You mean they are still welcome after the last time?” He said he didn’t have an issue with it, but they had to mind me better, otherwise he’d become nervous. LOL We’ll see what happens.