Yesterday was my 29th birthday.

I started the day off by calling in to work and M and I went to Wal-Mart to order pictures from my trip. I talked to D.P. while we wandered the store for a bit, and he had some stuff to do so I eventually hung up with him and headed home for a nap with M. After I was home for awhile, I txted D.P. and asked him if he minded M and I stopping by later for a quick visit. He called me back and said that was fine, so I told him we’d call later. After we rested, I had M call him at about 1030 am, and he didn’t answer his cell or his home phone so M left him a message that we were on our way.

Once we arrived, he gave M a hug and told her it was good to see her. I don’t recall if I got the normal greeting or not, but I’ll assume yes, I did get a quick kiss. He said he had put a lasagna in the oven, and asked if we wanted to stay for lunch. Not expecting the invitation, but so sweet of him to ask. Of course, we said yes. M said she was hungry, and I told her she was fine. She suckered D.P. into a snack though. LOL

D.P. said he had to fix the light on the back of his VW Bug, so M and I watched/helped him do that, and then we went inside while we waited for the lasagna to finish.

Fast forward to lunch… it was yummy! We had a great time. Afterwards, we ate Oreo cookies dunked in milk, and a short time later he hugged M again, then kissed me and we bid adieu to the knight in shining armor as he had to report to work.

It was a very good day, I thought.