It’s not like I didn’t want to ever see my kids again, I just didn’t want to leave… mostly because of how I felt with D.P. when I was there which was, of course, euphoric. This morning, I told him I was spoiled those two days… now I feel nearly naked not having him here with me, everywhere I go. LOL I had the best time ever — I’m so glad we were able to get away for a couple of days.

We met Tuesday morning at the local Cracker Barrel. It was my first time there, and I loved it. When we were done eating, we headed over to the airport. I seem to remember some talk of stopping by home and one of us maybe being seduced (him or me, I’m not sure), but we (I mean, D.P.) decided that we better get to the airport so that we wouldn’t be late. Hehe.

We arrived at the airport and tried to meet up with D.P.’s work friend, Corri, but something kept coming up and we were never able to catch her. I teased him and said that I don’t believe Corri exists. He replied, “Well, next time I talk to her, I’ll let you get on the phone so you can see she’s real.” [I’m still wondering when I can meet his friends, let alone his family.] I tried to sleep on the flight out there, but I was so damn excited I couldn’t keep my eyes closed long enough. D.P. took a little snoozer, though.

When we made it to Las Vegas, we hopped into a cab and toodled over to Imperial Palace, the hotel were were staying at. As we were checking in, the lady asked me if I was Mrs. P. There was an awkward pause from D.P. and me, and then I said “Yes!” To me, if that’s what she wanted to assume, it was fine by me. LOL D.P. promptly said (I could have sworn it was a shout), “No!” The tone of voice was what startled me, not the response itself: it was the voice of a man who was scared shitless of the word “Missus”. Subsequently, since he essentially asked for it, I gave him a hard time about it the whole time we were in Vegas. Later on, he informed me that they needed to know my real name in case of a fire or other emergency. Makes sense, but he didn’t have to ruin my good time. LOL

We dropped our stuff off in Room 1586, and headed down the street to Margaritaville for some grub and drink. It was a very cutesy place, and the servers were friendly. The margs were really tasty, no doubt about it, so we had two. We munched on fries and a chicken sandwich… the sandwich was not as great as the fries, but edible. When we were done, we headed to the Stratosphere via the Monorail.

The view from the Stratosphere was super! I took quite a few pictures while we were there, some inside and the rest outside on the observation deck. It was very windy, so we didn’t stay outside for very long, but it was long enough to get a few good shots. At one point, while we were inside, there was a young couple standing near us. The woman approached D.P. and asked him if he would take their picture. He obliged, and then the woman asked if he would like her to take our picture. It was the perfect opportunity to get one good picture out of him, as he claims to hate taking pictures. It turned out very well, so I didn’t bother him during the rest of the trip for any more. I figured, I was damn lucky to have gotten the one. LOL

After that, it’s a blur. We walked, and walked, and walked. My feet hurt after all the walking, and I began to get blisters on the bottom of my feet. I was able to catch some cool shots of the lights at night, and some of the hotels we sneaked a peek at. Once I get those posted, you’ll have more of a storyline in that regard.  See them now.

Right before 10 pm, we stopped at the Beatles Revolution lounge, in the Mirage hotel. I didn’t know what to expect, really, but maybe I had it in the back of my mind that it was going to be a band covering Beatles songs… ’cause when the band started playing, it was NOT the Beatles. Not anywhere close. It was still fun, but I was a little exhausted from all the walking and kinda wanted to go back to the hotel for some quiet time. Or evening delight, whatever. I told D.P. I wanted to go after the first band was done playing (apparently, there was a second band getting ready to play as we were leaving), and he said we should go over to the Bellagio hotel so I could see the water show I had insisted on getting to. I told him I just wanted to get back to the hotel… so that’s what we ended up doing.

Once we were back at the hotel, we went on the patio and looked out onto The Strip. It was so loud! I guess that’s the first sign you’re getting too old… when music is too loud. LOL One thing led to another, and the promise of seduction from earlier in the day was carried out. I still get chills thinking about the passionate kisses and lovemaking. There’s something definitely in the air out there that makes a person a little crazy in the love department. LOL

After we had ‘rested’ at the hotel for awhile, we headed over to the Bellagio to check out the water show. Unfortunately for us, they stopped doing it at midnight… and it was about one o’clock at that moment. Bummer! I was pissed at myself for not going straight to the Bellagio instead of going back to the hotel room. Damn it! Oh well, guess that leaves one thing for the next trip.

By the time we got to bed (after having a quick bite of carrot cake in one of the IP’s cafes), it was nearly 4 am. I was so tired, and he was so tired, when he mumbled something to me, I said (very loudly), “Huh?!” We laughed our butts off about it… because we were so slap-happy. I can’t remember the last time I was that tired. Of course, we were up bright and early, by 8 am. Ugh.

.::. Stay tuned for Day 2 .::.