So… my brother is leaving me. Next weekend, he and his family are moving to the south part of Denver and I will be the only one of my parents’ six children in the north metro area. I’m sad. Really sad. Dammit.

I don’t recall being super-close to my brother as we were growing up. We had exactly two things in common during the time we lived in the same house: our love of music and our parents. That’s it. And, when puberty hit, man, he was a little bit of a bastard. [Of course, I was no Georgia peach myself, but I’ll save those stories for another time.]

As we’ve grown older, and generally more appreciative of each other, I have been able to depend on him (and the rest of my siblings) to help me in my time of need. They are there to help when I need a sitter, they have helped when I needed a dime to get by…

Unfortunately, I know there’s a tinge of jealousy in my heart. Deep down, I know my brother and sister-in-law aren’t perfect, but it sure seems that they are after all that I’ve been through the past ten years. He’s been with the same girl for years (they’ve been married for eight years this coming December, and they dated for before that), they are both smart and likeable, they both work extremely hard, and they have two beautiful children. They are far from being well-off, but the only thing I can see that they don’t have is the house of their dreams.

I am twenty-nine years old and what do I have?

  1. A failed marriage. What the hell was I thinking, anyway?!
  2. Unmanageable debt. I wasn’t always a twit, really. I like to blame it on my ‘ex’, but I enabled the behavior, so I’m just as much to blame.
  3. A crap job. Man, it sure sucks gi-normous donkey balls.
  4. A larger waist. I haven’t seen a 32/34 waist pair of jeans in at least seven years.
  5. Nothing to show for my hard work. No house – at 29? Good grief. Really.

Okay, enough of the pity-party. I need a time-out to reflect on the things and people I am thankful for in my life. In no particular order, they are:

  1. My family’s good health. Seeing what D.P.’s family has gone through over the past several weeks has really put this into perspective for me.
  2. My job. Yes, even though it sucks gi-normous donkey balls.
  3. My ‘die-hard’ friends. I have a handful of friends that I have known since junior high. One friend I’ve had since I was 8. They are all very special to me… in their own ways.
  4. My kids. E and M are freakin’ awesome – I’d be lost without them. Even when I have to use my ‘mom’ voice, they still rock my world.
  5. My ‘honey’, D.P. Seriously. He’s my rock… my knight in shining armor. Just knowing him makes my life gobs better.

Thank God it’s Friday, is all that’s left to say.