D.P. and I went to see the new Indy movie yesterday. To say the very least: the storyline was terrible! The whole ‘alien’ thing was less than appealing, and far less believable than what I had imagined it to be. The most exciting part was when D.P. put his hand on my leg during the movie. LOL Really, the movie was okay as long as they stuck to the classic Indiana Jones action. All I’m saying is I could have waited for Netflix.

Before the movie, we ate dinner at Tuk Tuk. D.P. had never eaten Thai food, and I guess this is as close as he will get for now. On the table: pad thai and basil chicken. I was SO FULL by the time we were done.

When he dropped me off at my house at the end of the ‘date’, I didn’t want to leave him. It’s getting harder and harder to let go and get back to ‘reality’, and I never intended to feel this way.

It’s interesting to note: when D.P. and I were leaving my house (my aunt came to stay with them), M asked for a kiss and hug from him. He hesitated about the kiss, but agreed to a cheek kiss and hug. Of course, E became a little jealous, and asked for a hug and kiss, too. D.P. was uncomfortable with the kiss from E, so he hugged him extra hard instead. Later on, D.P. and I talked about how he thought that it was okay for a dad to kiss his son, but he didn’t feel right doing that with E. I told him no apologies were necessary. I’m just glad he doesn’t mind when the kids say, “Love you!” when parting ways.