Enjoy the following article snagged from the MomLogic website:

Erin, mother of two kids under 5, on why she thinks anyone who says they love their kids 24/7 is full of it.

OK, before you freak out over the headline: “How can you say you hate your kids?? I just LOVE being a mommy!!” Sorry, but you’re probably the same woman who said it was “love at first sight” when you laid eyes on your newborn in the delivery room. Come on. How can you fall in love with a shriveled, crying, poop machine?

If you want to delude yourself, that’s fine–maybe you’ve seen one too many Johnson & Johnson baby lotion commercials. The truth is, having kids is a huge pain in the ass, but most moms are too brainwashed to admit it.

Anyway, that said, here are 10 reasons why I hate my kids:

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