As I told you yesterday, D.P. was supposed to come over to my house for dinner last night but we changed plans due to my brother, Grant, being in town. In the end, I decided to pick up my kids after I got off work and then meet D.P. and the rest of my clan at a Red Robin restaurant, not too far from D.P.’s house and right off the main highway (easy access for my siblings, who would be coming from the north).

At about ten to four, I received a call from D.P. Apparently, he was going to be in my area, and asked if I wanted him to pick me and the kids up from my house. Sure, what a lovely thought! I asked him to arrive at 530 pm. When five o’clock rolled around, I clocked out and nearly RAN to my car. I had a very limited time to get home, put my ‘face’ on, make sure pets were fed and watered, and whatever else my wacko brain came up with. Luckily, I was finishing up as D.P. pulled up. E helped D.P. put the car seats in the car, and I helped M out the door and up the stairs. [The walker STILL hasn’t been delivered, so she’s been continuing to use her wheelchair.] Pretty soon, we were on the road and looking forward to the big, juicy sauteed ‘shroom burger we planned on ordering at RR.

Once we arrived, I pulled my cell phone out of my purse. Oops, I missed a couple of calls from my sister! We walked into the restaurant, and I called Jenna. She told me they had just passed Greeley… there was a lot of construction coming out of Ft. Collins, so they were going to be late. I was a little upset, because for once in my life I was on-time, and now I was going to have to wait for AT LEAST 30 minutes with two hungry kids and one hungry man. Luckily, the kids were semi-well-behaved [we ordered their meals to keep them occupied] and time passed by quickly until my brother, sister, and sister’s boyfriend came strolling in to the restaurant.

The food was good, the conversation was light (definitely not forced) and the kids had us cracking up the whole time with their antics. To be expected, there were plenty of potty breaks, but they didn’t spoil the fun in the least. LOL D.P. and my sister’s boyfriend, TOG (TOG = the other Grant… not to be confused with my brother, Grant), talked cars while my sister and I wrote little love notes to each other on the too-wet drink coasters.

We decided to leave RR around 8 pm, and we talked for a few minutes more outside. Hugs were passed out freely, and Grant took a picture of M in her wheelchair. [Apparently, a child in a wheelchair is the cutest thing ever. Hmmm…] Soon after, we all piled into our respective cars and drove away.

D.P. and I joined the kids for Oreos and milk when we got back to my place, and I tried my best to get the kids into bed quickly after they brushed their teeth and washed their faces. I was shocked at how much easier than normal it was to keep them on track, but that doesn’t mean they went to bed without a fight. LOL I sang “Edelweiss” to M, and asked E what song he wanted me to sing. After we decided that Mommy didn’t know that song, that song, or THAT song, he settled on… what the hell was it, anyway? I have since forgotten.

The two of them talked quietly for about an hour, even though I talked to them every few minutes, reminding them to go to bed because I was expected to provide a full report to Aunt Charlotte in the morning as to their behavior. LOL M got up a few times to go potty, but E fell asleep fairly quickly and M fell asleep shortly after.

D.P. and I watched Bugsy while the kids were in bed. It was hard to follow along, because I had to keep getting up to check on the kids or the dog. I did my best, though. D.P. thanked me for inviting him over… I told him I was glad he came over, it just had to be at the right time. We snuggled on my loveseat until about 11 pm, when D.P. said he was tired. He looked at the running time on the back of the movie case: right around 2 1/2 hours. It was close to being done, but I told him he could leave if he was that tired… it’s not like we can’t watch it again. He put his shoes on and, as he was leaving, I rubbed his chest from behind him. He stopped in his tracks, and moaned slightly. He ended up staying a little longer than we both expected. LOL I didn’t want him to leave at all, but knew that he would NEVER be able to sleep with all the commotion within my house, let alone all the lights outside and the fire station down the street. Plus, my kids are still under the impression that I sleep in the spare bedroom when I stay the night at his house. LOL Maybe someday he’ll stay overnight at my house, though.

See? I TOLD YOU this week was going to be better. ๐Ÿ™‚