I just received an e-mail from my mom’s cousin:

Just wanted to let everyone know that my Dad [Floyd] is in the hospital in Cambridge again, he’s just there for observation and to get his medication regulated. I talked to his nurse yesterday and she said that he is hydrated and his labs are good, but he’s “considerably weaker” than he was when he was discharged last week, they don’t expect him to be discharged today. Ed talked to Dad earlier today and said that he sounded pretty weak and because of that he couldn’t hear him very well. Ed is on his way down there today to help Mom out with decisions, options, etc. They might put him in the Cambridge Manor Nursing Home (connected to the hospital) or they might try to get him out here to Denver and either do home health care or place him in a nursing home here.

Please send this to all the Finches in your email address book also, since I don’t have email addresses for everyone.

Please keep my Mom and Dad in your prayers. 🙂

I will send updates as I get information, Thanks!