After Saturday’s throw-up session, I didn’t expect to hear from D.P. any time soon, let alone the next day. After attending church services, I was pleasantly surprised to pick up a voicemail from him asking if I wanted to bring the kids over and go to Costco. I called him back, and said if he was sure he wanted us to come over, I’d be glad to. Our church was holding a celebration of sorts for the Fourth of July (BBQ, bounce slides, etc), so I let the kids participate for about an hour before I whisked them to D.P.’s house.

Once we arrived, E looked thoroughly worn out. He was moving more slowly, and I was afraid he was going to have a repeat of the day before. I told him to lay down on the couch for a bit. When we were ready to go, we piled into D.P.’s car (no smell, yay!) and drove to the store. When we arrived, E began complaining again. He didn’t feel good. Funny, because he was just fine when we were at home that morning, as well as at church. I put M in the seat of the shopping cart, and told D.P. I would meet up with him in a bit – I was going to take E to the bathroom.

I made E go into the ladies restroom so I could stay with him, and waited while he attempted to poop. His tummy sure was giving him problems! When I could convince him to be done, he washed his hands and I took him to the water fountain. He drank and drank the water, and still didn’t feel good. I told him we needed to get back with D.P. and we’d see how everything went. When we finally met up with D.P. and M, we were advised of some cheesecake samples just about 10 feet away from where we stood. I went and got some for me and E and, as we sampled different items throughout the store, gradually E looked and felt better.

Unfortunately, the quiet was short-lived.

We were almost done, and I still had to pick up something for my kids – a new shirt/short/outfit. A very easy pick for M, as she knew exactly what she wanted when she saw it (a Tinkerbell dress with capri pants), but E was another story. He wasn’t feeling well again, and made it known by being extremely indecisive and a pain in the neck, in general. When he finally decided which shirt he wanted, we started walking towards the checkstands. D.P. handed me his keys, and told me he’d meet me and E out at the car. Okeedokee! I had E follow me out to the car, where he promptly laid down in the back seat to rest his eyes until D.P. and M arrived.

It was a short ride home and, after we piled out of the car, I helped D.P. bring groceries in while the kids rested. Well, E rested (read: fell asleep on the couch), and M followed us around. D.P. made spaghetti, and D.P., M and I all sat down to eat. I tried to wake E, but he wanted to sleep so I let him. Dinner was great! M gave me a hard time about how much she was willing to eat, but she wasn’t as naughty as I have seen her be before.

When we were done, D.P. started a movie for the kids while he and I picked up from dinner. While we watched the movie (E on the couch, M on the floor, and D.P. and I in the two La-Z-Boys [general term for this, a recliner]), I dozed off for a few minutes, and so did M. It was a nice, peaceful time.

After the movie, E convinced D.P. to play catch with him in the backyard for about ten minutes and then I took a turn with E. Soon after, we sat back down at the dining room table and ate our favorite ‘going to D.P.’s house’ snack: Oreos with milk.

In the middle of snack, E starts laughing hysterically and says something like, “Mom, remember what you told me?” Of course, I had no clue as to what he was referring to, so I told him to sit down and hush. Oh, but he didn’t ‘hush’. He kept right on talking, and laughing, until tears nearly came down his face. I forget what he said exactly, but it had to do with a very personal story I had shared with him about D.P. that no mother in their right mind would have ever shared with a six-year-old. I prayed to God that D.P. didn’t know what E was referring to, although I’m sure he did in the end. Let’s just say I’ve learned my lesson.

The kids and I packed up our things not long after that, because D.P. was becoming very tired (still sick!). I couldn’t believe how well the day had gone, even with the little ‘twitters’. I’ll be looking forward to another trip (soon!) to D.P.’s house with E and M. 🙂