I’ve got plenty to update!

On D.P.’s side:

Grammy is being transferred to an assisted living facility today, not too far from where I live.  It’s been a rough year so far but, from what I understand, this will be the best thing for her.

Marsha is going to be starting therapy (radiation?) very soon.  Other than that, I believe she’s been feeling pretty good.  She looked great when I met her on the Fourth.

D.P. is getting ready for a trip to Cancun with his kids.  Valerie is doing very well lately, except for the short stint in the hospital due to a burst cyst.  😦  D.Z. recently took a trip with his buddies to Wyoming and, as far as I know, he’s staying out of trouble.

On my side:

My mom’s uncle Floyd has been moved to a nursing home in Denver (he and Aunt Pat live in Nebraska).

My sister-in-law, Charlotte, hasn’t been feeling well over the past few days.  She had a severe headache yesterday… so bad she started crying and, trust me, this chick doesn’t cry.  I received a call from my brother this morning, very early, and he said she was admitted to the hospital last night due to meningitis.  Yikes!

Please say a prayer or positive thought for all of these people.