As I was talking to D.P. on the phone last night, I realized how spoiled I’ve been this week.  Normally, I see him at least once, but no more than twice a week.  Some weeks are ‘better’ than others, but that’s the norm.  Since he’s been working day shift and not picking up extra hours (‘cept for tonight), I’ve been able to convince him to hang around more.

I saw him Sunday morning (remember, he called in).

I saw him Tuesday for our bike ride.

I saw him Wednesday, when I asked him if he wanted to join me on a shopping trip to WalMart (he ended up staying long enough to go with me to pick up the kids from church and then played cards with us and watched TV with me after the kids went to bed).

I saw him last night, Thursday, when he came over for dinner.  He played catch with E and then the four of us played Sorry! until the kids became restless and ran from the table to do their own thing before I sent them to bed.

I plan on seeing him tomorrow, too, after he gets off work.  I’ll stay the night, just like I always do.  🙂

You know, I really enjoy being with D.P.  Have I told you I still get butterflies right before I see him?  I do, every single time.  And to think, it’s been nearly six months since we first met face-to-face for our date at Dave and Buster’s.  Awww…