I’m inspired to compile this list after reading an entry by Beth at My Simpler Life. None of this list is in any particular order.  (What would be on YOUR list?)

1. Holding my baby for the very first time.

2. Seeing my child walk/talk for the very first time.

3. The smell of freshly mowed grass.

4. A hug/kiss/sweet word from a child.

5. Music, in any form.

6. Seattle, Washington, USA.

7. Family get-togethers, large or small.

8. Family photo albums.

9. Holding hands with someone I love.

10. Freshly washed bedsheets.

11. A good laugh.

12. Spending time with my closest friends.

13. Reese’s peanut butter cups and Chase Candy’s Cherry Mash.

14. Reading and writing.

15. Witnessing my child succeed.

16. Special time alone with each of my children.

17. Travelling with my ‘honey’.

18. Receiving an e-mail or letter from a friend that lives far away.

19. Creating new family traditions, following old family traditions.

20. Seeing a PAID stamp on a bill.

21. Spring cleaning.

22. An ice cold Dr. Pepper.

23. Attending church on a regular basis.

24. Daydreams.

25. Remembering my grandparents, Bud and Mary.