This past Monday, I invited myself (and my kids, and my brother Garrett) to D.P.’s house for a BBQ. Along with D.P.’s snacks that he had on-hand, I brought some leftover hot dogs and hamburgers, which D.P. took great care in grilling (he only dropped one dog!), and we had a nice little feast! It was good for D.P. to keep his mind off of work and his health (he reinjured an umbilical hernia this past weekend and is waiting for word on when his surgery will be), and it was a good time for my brother to get to know D.P. better.

We had to talk to the kids a couple of times about behaving (not climbing the tree [it’s too tiny to be used as a climbing tree], not coming in and out of the house and letting the hot air in while the A/C was on), but they were very good otherwise! I was really shocked when they sat down and quietly watched a movie after dinner. Granted, they only lasted about an hour, but I’ll take what I can get at this point. LOL

Of course, we ate our obligatory Oreos, a delightful snack the kids and I have come to fondly associate with spending any amount of time over at D.P.’s house. I sure had a good time. I’m glad to report that Garrett enjoyed himself, too.