I met D.P.’s friends, Mike and Corri (and their new baby, Samuel), last night. We met at Hooters. This was my virgin visit to the restaurant, and I was scared. Well, maybe scared is a harsh word. I was unsure. I didn’t know what to expect (okay, I knew about the ‘hooters’), but I was pleasantly surprised. The food was great – we had a nice, big Sam Adams and lots and lots of wings and fries. [My body is paying for it today, what with no gallbladder and all.]  Anyway, Mike and Corri were awesome.  They were everything I imagined, and then some.  Their sense of humor was great, and baby Samuel was so cute!!  I’m looking forward to hanging out with them again.  🙂

A little background:  Corri works for the same company as D.P., and Mike used to work there, too.  I believe D.P. and Corri have known each other for close to ten years.  Corri was previously married.  Corri and Mike have been married for two years – I think – and Samuel was born on May 15 of this year.