I can’t believe I’ve neglected to mention M’s third (and final) follow up appointment with the surgeon’s PA on July 11.  After two long months, the bone has finally healed, and she’s back to normal.  She still limps a little when her leg becomes tired, but she’s been running, jumping, and using her leg fabulously!  I’ll call the doctor’s office sometime in April to get M on the books for her next surgery, to remove the plate in her thigh.

We never did get the walker.  Instead, M ended up using the handles on the back of her wheelchair to steady herself.  I can’t say I’m surprised we didn’t receive the equipment that was prescribed by the PA – but I will say I’m disappointed.  I received a call from my insurance company, saying the company that provided the wheelchair hadn’t completed some of the necessary paperwork… and when I spoke with the wheelchair company, they said they didn’t have the paperwork, even though my insurance faxed it over.  Completely frustrating and ridiculous! I’ll just be glad when it’s all over.

Poor M, she’s going to have a bum leg the rest of her life… but she’ll have a SUPER COOL story to tell her grandkids.