Today is my last day at my current job.  Hallelujah!  I may not update much during the first week, but I’ll be back soon with lots and LOTS of good blogging.  Guaranteed.


Desiree, here, reporting from Hell.  Looks like I can’t get into my blog at the new site, so I’ll have to just update here until I can get to it this weekend from D.P.’s house.  Ridiculous!

Speaking of, while I did head over to D.P.’s house last night, I didn’t make it to the lake – there was a tornado warning and flash flooding in our area.  I’m going to try and take some pics tomorrow or Saturday when I’m at the house.

I have some good news!  My friend, Eileen, and her husband, Nick, are celebrating the birth of her first child today!  Baby Owen was born last night at 945 pm.  He weighs 6 pounds, 1 ounce, and is 19 inches long.  Congratulations to Eileen and Nick!

So, I didn’t really faint, but I have a new job.  I’ll start August 11, 2008.  Thank the sweet baby jeebus!


Looks like I’ll be leaving Hell very, very soon… stay tuned!

May 16 – 18 (Days 2-4)

The night before wasn’t all roses, I assure you. Periodically, I was awakened by the sound of one of M’s monitor’s blaring in my ear. At other times, M’s leg was hurting so bad I’d have to go get the nurse to ‘top off’ the IV meds. Poor thing!

I received a call from my b-oss on Friday morning.  She left me a lovely message saying that I needed to keep in contact with her about what was going on because she had no help for Friday or Monday.  It wouldn’t have been a really terrible message, except for the fact that she sounded so bitchy and didn’t say anything like, “What a terrible thing to happen!  I hope M is going to be okay.  Please let me know how you guys are doing.”  Would it have been that hard?  I was so pissed about her attitude that I didn’t call her back until we were back at home.

We met with the surgeon’s PA (physician’s assistant) in the morning, and he said that M’s surgery would be sometime that day. No sure when, but it would happen. After waiting ALL DAY, her surgery began at about 7 pm. [I should mention that she was able to have a popsicle the night before and then some solid food and liquid in the early afternoon on the day of surgery. The poor thing was SO hungry!] The surgeon placed a plate with six pins (screws?), which will be removed in a year. Everything went well, and she headed to the recovery room around 9 pm.

D.P. asked earlier in the day if could come to the hospital in the afternoon. He was there for me and M from right around 430 pm until she went to recovery after her surgery. And he HATES hospitals. With a passion. He told me he usually becomes physically ill being in one. Regardless of his fear, he was at the hospital for FIVE HOURS… he was there more than anyone else, including M’s own father. I can’t even begin to describe how awesome he is, or how I will never be able to thank him enough.

We talked for two hours later that evening, when he was at home and M was out of recovery and back to her room. It was one of those talks that I had PLANNED on getting into that night, I just didn’t plan on doing it from a hospital room on the telephone.

The rest of M’s stay was less than interesting, except for the bit where she pretended she was the girl from Poltergeist and spit her pain med everywhere. The nurse and I tried everything – putting it in a ‘shot’ of chocolate syrup (not acceptable to M), putting the chocolate syrup on top of vanilla ice cream (still not acceptable) and then finally the nurse said she would put it on the spoon first before she scooped the ice cream, thus hiding the medicine… if M didn’t take it then, she was giving up. It took awhile, but M took the medicine… with a fight, of course. Later, I wrote a letter to the nurse, thanking her for being there more than anyone else. She was AWESOME.

Friends and family came by to visit, some bearing gifts but all bearing love.

M was released on May 18th. She must be in a wheelchair with no use of her leg (four weeks from the surgery date), and then she will use a ‘granny’ walker for the next four weeks. Anyone who has parented a four-year-old knows this is not going to be an easy time for our family. M has already tried to use her leg several times, and I’m not afraid to tattle-tell on her at the doctor’s office. LOL

And to think… we always thought it was going to be E that broke his bones.

May 15 (Day 1)

I texted D.P. in the afternoon, saying how much I was wishing it was Friday and not Thursday. In fact, I was so tired of being in Hell, I left a little early and went to pick up my kids from day care. We were home by 530 pm or so, and E and M played outside while I started making burritos for dinner. When dinner was ready, I called them both in and, as always, M refused to eat them. I told her that was all we were having, and if she wanted to get something else out of the refrigerator, she was welcome to do so. E took his plate outside, and Mary went back out. I ate my dinner inside the house, standing up in the kitchen, and then went outside to tidy up the front porch with my broom.

While I was sweeping the front porch, E was in the backyard and M was toodling around the driveway on her brother’s razor scooter. At one point, I heard M cry out in pain. I had been working with my back to her, and as I turned around to see what had happened, there she was… laying flat-out on the concrete driveway. I thought she had probably just bruised her buns, so I walked over to her. M told me she had fallen off the scooter, and I asked her if she was okay. Of course, she said she wasn’t, and I asked her if she could stand up. She said she couldn’t stand up, so I reached down to help her up. In the meantime, she screamed at me that she couldn’t use her right leg, so I picked her up and held her.

I pressed gently on her hip, and asked her if it hurt. No. I pressed gently on her thigh, and asked her if it hurt. YES! Plus, I heard a popping as I pressed down. I knew then that something was wrong, so I called E [“We’re off to the Emergency Room!”] and took M inside so I could find my car keys and the insurance cards. Poor little M was crying out in pain the whole time, even though I had put her down on her bed while I ran around the house like a chicken with my head cut off. Once everything was in order, I took her out to the car and put her in M car seat. E quickly buckled himself up, and we drove to the hospital.

Once we arrived, I was quickly sent to a room with M because they knew her leg had been broken. The swelling was noticeable at that point, and she was definitely in a greater amount of pain. The got an IV going in her arm, and they tried to make her comfortable with some morphine. It was what seemed like a short while later that radiology came in and took some x-rays of her leg. E was acting up a little bit because he was bored, so I tried calling my brother to come get him. Unfortunately, I was unable to talk to anyone, so I called my friend Beth to see if her dad could come help. Rob was at work, so no help there… otherwise I would have had him come get E. Not sure how he would have done that, with no car, but whatever. Not too long after, Beth and her dad were at the hospital to pick up E. He would stay at their house until Rob got off work at 1130 pm.


We had another day of racing just to get out of the house. I could be wrong, but I truly believe I’m doomed forever at this point. I’ve decided that tonight I am going to have the kids in bed at 8 pm – I’ll be going to bed then, too, that way they have no excuse to be up and messin’ around. At least I’m hoping that’s the case.

So, as if the craziness this morning wasn’t enough, I noticed my “low tire” light came on as I was almost to M’s preschool. Dammit! I decided to stop by the local Firestone and get my pressure checked – I should have been offered a blood pressure check instead of a tire pressure check, because the guy at the counter told me they could look at my tire in about 30 minutes. WHAT?! For a freakin’ check?! Whatever, it wasn’t like I was going to drive it somewhere else at that point. I called my boss to let her know I’d be late and what I was doing, and she really pissed me off. She didn’t say anything at first, after I told her, and so I said, “Hello?” She told me she was listening. I thought to myself, What more do you want me to say? I just told you everything I needed to! Grr… She then proceeded to try and guilt-trip me and said she needed me really be at the office because there was so much to be done, etc etc. I told her that I couldn’t make the mechanics work any faster, and I’d call her when I was leaving there. What a freakin’ biotch.

Just when I was getting comfortable, the guy at the counter drew up an invoice and told me it would be $25 for a repair, if it was needed. I told him I couldn’t afford that right now, and he said he could check the pressure for free. No shit, Sherlock! Isn’t that what I asked for in the beginning anyway? Sweet baby jeebus. He told me to pull into the first bay, and they’d take a look.

After the guy “pumped me up” and rambled something about getting new tires (I’ll get them when I can afford them!!), I took M to school and tried to think of the best tire place around here… and called Big O. Unfortunately, the shop I was thinking of has been converted to a flower shop and so I ended up driving across town to get to a Big O shop. Long story short, I had a nail in my tire. The cost to repair it? $18 and some pennies. Take that, Firestone!

I talked to D.P. for about 45 minutes last night. We talked about a lot of things, but one thing I keep cracking up about – okay, two things, really – is the story he told me about holding (read: fondling) kangaroo balls at work, and when we talked about him possibly visiting a Turkish bath on his mini-vacation next week and not picking up the soap. I have had so many laughs over the past week, it’s been really good for me to let all of my life’s tension out. By the time we ended up getting off the phone, I was feeling pretty giddy.

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